The Singles 

Hello friends!  Pictured here are the latest singles from Muscle Souls!  "We Laughed" is the most recent but please check them all out by listening on our Music page!  You can download them from us or find them on iTunes, Spotify and many other streaming and downloading services.  Of course, if you buy them directly from us you are going a bit further to support what we're doing here at!  Also, please add us to your Spotify playlists, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Twitter.  Or check out our store for the latest Muscle Souls stuff!   All of that helps us to grow and get our music out to the world.

We Laughed - New Single Radio Release! 

Muscle Souls is ushering in Fall with a new single release!  "We Laughed" will have it's radio debut on DJ Penny Lane's show Punks in Parkas!  You may remember Penny debuted our single, "The Don't Fall in Love with Me Talk" on her show back in July.  This time Penny is ready to debut the new single exclusively on her show!  

We're especially fond of this song and think it's one or our best.  The song was composed by John and Nicole and The Sharp Set alumnus Sean Murphy.  If you heard our interview with Penny (scroll down this page for the link) you might recall we mentioned Sean's ability to create lovely melodies.  On this tune Sean contributed the music for the verses while John supplied the melody for the chorus and middle eight sections.  The lyrics were penned by both John and Nicole and reflect their own experience but will surely be relatable to most everyone.  

The song will debut exclusively on Penny's Punks in Parkas show on Thursday, October 24 at 9pm CDT/8pm EDT!  Click here to listen online!  Remember the show broadcasts from Winnipeg, Canada so check your time zone if you want to tune in to the live broadcast.  This is the fundraising show for this nonprofit station, so please contribute if you can.  Don't worry if you miss it because you can always listen to the podcast...just follow this link.



For the Love of Mod - Tokyo 

It's Throwback Thursday!  As TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is in full swing, we were reminded of how nice it was to have a Muscle Souls song featured in a special documentary film called,  "For the Love of Mod - Tokyo".  This is the second of two docs about Mod music and culture made by Emma-Rosa Dias and her own Afro-Mic Productions.  Muscle Souls is never bashful about our Mod roots and we were honoured to have a track featured on the official soundtrack.  You can listen to all the tracks from the embedded player above or download the songs here.  Here is the link to the trailer of this charming film! 

New Stuff in Store! 

To celebrate the release of our new singles we added a limited edition "Is My Love Killing You?" mug to our store!  You'll definitely be the cool kid at your home or office with one of these!  As a bonus, you'll get a free download of the single with purchase!  We have lots of Muscle Souls stuff in our store (some new and not so new) including original Muscle Souls t-shirts, gig posters, and promo posters which we can autograph for you!  Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account, the store accepts major credit cards through the PayPal service too.  Click on this link or just click on the "store" button in our menu.

Our Latest Single Release! - July 4 

Muscle Souls latest single is being released exclusively on the "Punks in Parkas" radio show!  Tune in on July 4 for DJ Penny Lane's long running show to hear the first public broadcast of "The Don't Fall in Love with Me Talk"!  Punks in Parkas airs out of the University of Manitoba UMFM 101.5 every Thursday at 9pm CDT or 10pm EDT.  Nicole and John will be phoning in to have a brief chat with Penny for this release.  Follow this link to listen in!  If you miss the show, you can always catch the podcast by clicking here!

Muscle Souls Turntable - Instagram 

Muscle Souls has a series of little photos/videos on Instagram about the music that influences us or that we just plain love! Sometimes they're very famous artists, sometimes they're a little more obscure or somewhat forgotten. Either way they're always artists worth revisiting or checking out for the first time. Follow us on Instagram and find out what vinyl records are spinning on Muscle Souls vintage stereo! 

Note:  We remove audio from the videos to avoid copyright infringement.

Muscle Souls - New Music Video Preview 2019 

Hello Everyone! 

We made this little promo video for our recent singles, "Is My Love Killing You?" and "I Don't Know What Makes Me" to help us introduce you to Muscle Souls' music.  We also added two previews of upcoming releases which you will hear for the first time!  We haven't confirmed release dates yet, we're excited to tell you that Nicole will be featured for the first time on lead vocals!  Click on the link below and welcome to Muscle Souls' world! 


Another Single Release! 

Hello Friends!

On Sunday, December 2 we released the second of our series of new singles, "I Don't Know What Makes Me".  More of a rocker than the soul grooving style of "Is My Love Killing You?" the new single has an infectious guitar riff to anchor the song throughout.  John takes the vocal lead on this song which touches on the remorse of bad behaviour with the assurance that love is still strong.  This is our second exclusive release to Alan May's Glory Boy Mod Radio Show broadcast from 6Towns Radio UK!  You can tune in any Sunday at 6pm UK roast beef time or 1pm for our local Toronto area hangover brunch time!  If you want to catch up and hear what Alan had to say about us and hear the song in context of some Mod can listen to the Glory Boy podcast by clicking the highlighted text!  It was a great show!

"I Don't Know What Makes Me" is now ready for a set your own price download here on our site!   iTunes download will be available soon so please watch this space for announcements!



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