Muscle Souls recording update...

In case this is your first visit to our site, I’ll bring you up to speed… 

It was nearly impossible to schedule Muscle Souls gigs this past year as I was constantly on tour with The Beatlemanics (where I play the role of John Lennon).  But all was not lost as Nicole and I found time to write new songs and review existing material in order to plan the next recording.  The new record will have 11 original songs and is a tribute to the “wall of sound” pop of the 60s and Philly Soul sound of the early 70s…you get where we’re coming from?  That music was lush, soulful and infectiously sweet!   

You may know that Nicole loves singing close harmonies but at our live shows people are always delighted when we feature Nicole on lead vocals.  I’m excited to tell you that Nicole will be moving into the spotlight on this album not only contributing as a songwriter, but also singing lead on two of what are sure to be standout tracks!  

This is an ambitious project and we’re still planning how to get the music to the stage for the most impact.  Future shows will include intimate acoustic shows as we’ve always done, but we will be bringing the band back to the stage as well as we grow. 

Stay tuned to the latest Muscle Souls by filling out the contact form on this site and we’ll send you a free music download!   

We can’t wait to share the new music with you but meanwhile, you can check out our gallery or follow us on Instagram where we've already posted photos and video clips to whet your appetite.   


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