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Here's the latest...from Muscle Souls

In October 2018 we released, "Is My Love Killing You?" the first of a series of new singles!  The song debuted on The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show in the UK which has a dedicated following of listeners into Mod, Mod Revival, Soul, Northern Soul and all manner of music inspired by those glorious sounds!  If you missed the show you can still catch up by listening to the podcast version.  Our friends Penny Lane and Wayne Lundqvist Ford also played us on their shows Punks in Parkas out of Canada and the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More out of Sweden.  Their podcasts are also archived so, click on their names if you want to dig a little deeper into the scene!  Some shows out of the US have featured us as well including the Music Authority and The Basement Tapes.

The song is still available from this site here where you can set your own price but is also now available on iTunes.  There's even an audio version on YouTube which will hold a place until we have time to make a video!  Spotify listeners can check out our new playlist called, "Soul for the Road" featuring the new single alongside some of the great tunes we love!

Meanwhile we're getting ready to release the next single, "I Don't Know What Makes Me".  We'll be announcing a date for this little rocker soon!  Just scroll down to see the artwork!

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